Connecting Procurve SNMP v3 with Spiceworks

One of my favorite tools all the time is Spiceworks, if you guys havent been heard about it i suggest you guys try it. It will save your life as a sysadmin. Having trouble today connecting Spiceworks with Procurve SNMP v3 today i decided to find out what do this Spiceworks needs for SNMP v3 to work.

If you guys still using SNMP v1 or 2C out there, i suggest change it soon! Somebody could have access to your device and the scariest things is it enabled by default on some vendor with community string PUBLIC & PRIVATE.

Turn out as i write this article Spiceworks will only accept SNMP v3 with MD5:DES56 encryption.

Here’s how step by step to create the SNMP v3 on HP Procurve 1910 :

  1. Enable SNMP v3 only on ProcurveProcurve SNMP v3
  2. Create a new Group with Security Level Auth/Priv (Authentication & Encryption)
    Procurve SNMP v3
  3. Create a new user with MD5:DES56 (same password for encryption and user password with minimum 8 characters) with security level Auth/Priv.
    Procurve SNMP v3