Install email certificate on OS X

Email certificate is one way to digitally sign emails and make sure your email stay secure plus makes sure that the email and attachments content actually came from you. Whenever anyone edit the content of your mail, the recipient will be alerted that the email is being compromised. Here’s we will see how to install the email certificate on Mac …

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Remove apple quarantine error from file

Today when uploading my files to my web server as usual i face some error. Checking the server and i’m sure that there’s no problem with it, soon i suspect there’s must be something error with the tar.gz file produce by my mac. Turns out after checking the file attribute i see an extra attribute attached to the file. Let’s …

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iPhoto missing theme font

Several of us maybe experience iPhoto missing theme font after upgraded to Yosemite, for those who experience what i experience the solution is simple. Just trash your old iPhoto from Application folder and then reinstall from Purchases on App Store again.