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Block porn using free DNS

Today just see some ads about positive internet on my cable channel. Despite the controversy last  time because our goverment is blocking Vimeo,  i support their effort to make internet safer and positive (don’t take it the same with internet censorship). Beside using Nawala DNS you guys can also use OpenDNS Family Shield which is freely available. To configure your Mac OS …

Install email certificate on OS X

Email certificate is one way to digitally sign emails and make sure your email stay secure plus makes sure that the email and attachments content actually came from you. Whenever anyone edit the content of your mail, the recipient will be alerted that the email is being compromised. Here’s we will see how to install the email certificate on Mac …

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Remove apple quarantine error from file

Today when uploading my files to my web server as usual i face some error. Checking the server and i’m sure that there’s no problem with it, soon i suspect there’s must be something error with the tar.gz file produce by my mac. Turns out after checking the file attribute i see an extra attribute attached to the file. Let’s …

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Ubiquity Unifi cannot locate Java Home

After installing ubiquity unifi, you may face error saying that the UniFi fail to start because it fail to locate java home; the solution is simple which just required to edit the JAVA_HOME on the init script : $ vim /etc/init.d/unifi Find the JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm//usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-amd64 and add your instance architecture type after that string. For example : JAVA 8 : JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle JAVA 7 …

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Connecting Procurve SNMP v3 with Spiceworks

One of my favorite tools all the time is Spiceworks, if you guys havent been heard about it i suggest you guys try it. It will save your life as a sysadmin. Having trouble today connecting Spiceworks with Procurve SNMP v3 today i decided to find out what do this Spiceworks needs for SNMP v3 to work. If you guys still …

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Repair UniFi mongodb database

Suddenly got an error today, the UniFi portal can’t be accessed even though i check at the server the service is running. Have tried to restart both the service and the server itself but still nothing, checking the error log on server show nothing suspicious. Checking the netstat also show java indeed is running on port 8443 Before you tried …

Jailkit Problem with the SSL CA cert

Today one of my client got problem with their git, The solution is rather simple, using root account create folder ssl certs in chroot directory and copy the ca-certificates.crt into it : Another super-easy but bad solution! is to disable SSL verification but i dont recommend this:

Jailkit failed to find user

Yesterday when i configure one of our server for SSH jailkit, i ran into some problem The solution is to check /var/www/ for the specified user, is home directory already specified ?